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We felt the Durabunker option was a perfect fit here and we have hopes it will be a strong investment for many years to come. We are excited about the potential longevity in the Durabunker wall construction and sustainability of the sod wall look along with the opportunity to maintain Greg Norman’s design intent

During the initial stages of the project, the Durabunker staff suggested we raise the floors a little to create a slight rise and fall in the sand line. Greg Norman had concerns about some of the aging bunkers becoming a little over penal with flatter bases and steeper faces. The recommendation to slightly raise and soften some of the bunkers has worked really well and the bunker faces look fantastic, are less penal, however still pose the same intended visual intimidation

We are impressed with the results produced by the combined team of Durabunker and Southeastern Golf and look forward to continuing the project to completion

Kirk Richmond Director of Golf Course Maintenance,Tiburón GC. Host Venue of PGA Tour and LPGA Tour Championships

The input on site from Durabunker was very valuable and the team led by Rhydian was able to interpret my ideas and produce the results we were all hoping for. The product itself enables designers to create ambitious bunker shapes that will remain as they were intended to look, without the concern of erosion or degradation, or indeed of leaving the golf course with a significant maintenance burden

Pierre Fulke Ryder Cup Player, Course Arhcitect, Pierre Fulke Design

Bunkers at RNDGC have long suffered from sheep damage and we felt it was time to trial an alternative solution. After attending a Durabunker demonstration at St Enodoc GC, and seeing how good the bunkers looked there, we decided to trial them on the golf course with a small introductory project in May 2015. The results were really pleasing and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the membership following the phase 1 project.

Durabunker Director, Rhydian Lewis was on site for the duration of the first phase and again at the start of the second phase and we certainly benefited from his input and knowledge, both of the product and bunker construction in general.The bunkers built thus far look so neat and for a golf course like ours we believe they will be a strong investment for many years to come

Mark Evans General & Course Manager Royal North Devon GC, UK.

Once pricing was established, I did a financial analysis of Durabunker vs a standard natural grass sloped bunker. While initial costs are higher using Durabunker, cost of maintenance is greatly reduced due to zero mowing, zero fertilizing, pesticide applications, resodding, watering etc. Our ROI would be met within a matter of years.

Once the go ahead for the project was received Rhydian, and his company, were a pleasure to deal with. From delivery to installation he was there any time of day and night to answer any and all questions. Albeit it from the owner, members, contractor or myself, he took the time to answer speedily and in a manner that made us feel confident in the product. His follow through with the product has matched the purchasing and installation process. Making sure we are happy and asking how he and his company can do a better job in the future.

Damon DiGiorgio Course Superintendent, Fieldstone GC, USA

The product has absolutely transformed our bunkers. They look incredible, so natural and totally in keeping with the golf course. Everyone to a man has been blown away by the results achieved through using Durabunker, I woud highly recommend building sod wall bunker faces or shallow edges using this method. The product and the company have performed exceptionally for us.

Andrew McClintock Course Superintendent, Tennessee National GC, USA

In my 40years at this course, using Durabunker to build bunkers, is the most spectacular change made and as head greenkeeper I am pleased to have been responsible for introducing the product to Seaton Carew Golf Club

Tony Cartwright Head Greenkeeper, Seaton Carew GC, UK.

The construction skills demonstrated by the Durabunker team were exceptional. We certainly benefitted from having them lead the project and I would recommend the team and the product to any club. They were a pleasure to work with.

Scott Gibson Course Manager, St Enodoc GC, UK

Bunkers are our number 1 challenge, DURAbunker seemed the only answer and having worked alongside DURAbunker staff on the initial stage of the project, I am extremely impressed with the product and the company. Although Durabunker uses synthetic material to build revetted bunkers, it looks entirely in keeping with our golf course, very authentic and visually appealing. The difference is that these new bunker faces will stay that way for many, many years, it really is a revelation for us here at Budersand. We will now be continuing the project under licence using our own experienced staff

Jim Ellis Course Manager, Golf Club Budersand, Germany

Durabunker is transforming our maintenance practices and drastically reducing maintenance time spent on our bunkers. We now have fixed edges that will not be damaged by burrowing animals, washout, natural erosion or golfers, plus the product will last a least 20 years. I've calculated that I'll be saving in the region of 180 hrs on one round of maintenance when all our bunkers are completed using the Durabunker method, that's over 1 months work for 1 man"

Neil Shawcross Course Manager, Baden Hills GC, Germany

The bunker construction and shaping skills, along with the attention to detail shown by Durabunker staff whilst leading the project at Tennessee National was exemplary. I cannot recommend the product, the staff or the company highly enough.

Andrew McClintock Course Superintendent, Tennessee National GC, USA

It's unbelievable, I never would have imagined that synthetic bunkers could look so good, this product will really help us elevate the golf course to the place we want it to be

Ryan Ott General Manager, Tennessee National GC, USA

Using Durabunker as a method of constructing bunkers offers impressive medium and long term financial savings

Jim Cockburn Hon Treasurer, Seaton Carew GC, UK

The re-shaping work led by Rhydian and subsequent construction carried out by the Durabunker team, has radically improved the appearance and performance of our bunkers. The results exceeded our expectations, the bunkers have made an immediate impact, and the membership have never been so vocal in praise of a project

David Bagg Head Professional, City of Wakefield GC, UK.

The finished surface produced when using DuraBunker is far superior to grass. Despite being a synthetic product, DuraBunker reacts in exactly the same as a grass surface when impacted by a golf ball. The labour and maintenance savings made through Durabunker allows for considerable man hours to be diverted to more essential works on the course. The overall effect is to present the course, particularly the bunkers, in pristine condition.

Tony Cartwright Head Greenkeeper, Seaton Carew GC, UK

We specifically wanted the DURAbunker staff to lead the build, their experience, shaping skills and efficiency were critical to ensuring the results were what we wanted. They are one of the best teams we've had on site in all my years at the golf course and we will look to use them again for the remainder of the project

Neil Shawcross Course Manager, Baden Hills GC, UK

The design work carried out by Rhydian on our par three 11th Hole and the subsequent renovation work has transformed the hole

Jason McNamara Chairman of Greens, Druids Heath GC, UK

We have developed a trust in Rhydian over the past years and along with his company, he has shown a tremendous committment to our project, visiting site on many occassions ensuring the product is performing as expected and offering valuable input for future developments. We are excited to be continuing our bunker renovation project in conjunction with Durabunker, our Architect, Pierre Fulke, Rhydian and I walked the course together recently and made some decisions to change the style of bunkers on the Championship Course at Frosaker. The first phase of the new project was executed superbly by the Durabunker Team and we couldn't be happier with the results. We look forward to continuing the partnership up to completion of the project.

Christer Ral Owner, Frosaker GC, Sweden

Durabunker staff led my team extremely well, communicated effectively and demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the product and bunker construction in general. These guys know how to build high quality bunkers and their experience was evident throughout the project. We look forward to working with them again in the future

Lance Studer Porject Manager, SouthEastern Golf, USA

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