In January 2013, the STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute) were commissioned to conduct trials focussing on the best methods to enable natural turf to flourish around the perimeter of the Durabunker Construction method.

The trials were funded by WRAP (Waste Re-cycling Action Program) with whom our company has formed a strong parternship, attending conferences and seminars focussing on many aspects of re-cycling, and regularly reporting on the impact their support is having on rates of re-cycled materials being diverted from landfill by DURAbunker.

The results of the STRI trial were made available to Durabunker in the Autumn of 2014, enabling our team to gain a better understanding of the variables involved in ensuring grass growth of various types would be successful around the synthetic perimeter of our product, in different growing and ground conditions.

Having worked on projects in such diverse climates as Northern Europe and the state of Florida, and having visited these sites on numerous occasions to review the performance of the product, our team now has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in relation to the fusion of natural and synthetic turf. We have also worked with a variety of grasses from Bermuda grasses in several states of America, to the bents and fescues of Europe. This continually expanding knowledge base, enables us to provide the best possible recommendations and solutions for natural turf re-instatement for each individual site.

The addition of highly qualified greenkeepers, with over 15 years working experience, who now also operate as turf consultants, has added an extra dimension to the expertise and knowledge on our team. Whilst we continue to learn we are confident that our knowledge and expertise will help ensure the highest quality outcomes are achieved for each and every Durabunker that is built.

Photo above left of Hever Castle GC courtesy of Envirosports Ltd
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