DURAliner is an extremely cost effective, highly durable, synthetic bunker liner that has been employed effectively on a variety of golf courses for many years.

Winter Hill Liner
  • Minimum design life 20+ Years
  • Highly permeable (Min 10"/250mm per hr-EN15330)
  • Open polypropylene fibres retain sand particles while allowing water movement through material
  • Helps prevent washouts
  • High degree of tensile strength
  • Highly UV stable
  • Prevents sand contamination from underlying subsoil
  • Resistant to tears from golf club strikes and rakes
  • Resistant to animal damage
  • Proven performance on slopes up to 35 degrees
  • No damage caused to golfer, golf club or liner from diminishing sand levels
  • Highly cost effective
  • Offers 'Fully Sealed' bunker solution when used in conjunction with DURAbunker.

DURAbunker Director, Rhydian Lewis, first initiated the use of our synthetic liner at Maesteg Golf Club, personally overseeing the installation of underlying drainage and DURAliner bunker liner, on a test bunker at the golf course in 2009. This initial DURAliner installation is still performing effectively in 2015.
Lanhydrock Duraliner

Since that time synthetic bunker liners have been successfully installed at many golf courses, our most recent installation being at Lanhydrock Hotel and Golf Club, where the DURAbunker team installed DURAliner in conjunction with our patented edge solution, DURAbunker, offering 'Fully Sealed', maintenance free bunkers.

Jon Day, Course Manager at Lanhydrock GC, commented:

"The synthetic liner installed by DURAbunker has impressed us all and performed really well, I would recommend it to any course manager"

Our team can install DURAliner or offer guidance for in house projects. Once installed, sand particles migrate downwards into the open polypropylene fibres, allowing internal movement of water, the sand itsef being retained within the structure of the fibres. Our team has also worked closely with other leading liner products such as Blinder Bunker Liner and Capillary Concrete, on several international projects, and will always recommend what we believe is a 'best fit' solution.
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