Golf Club Budersand, Germany

Consistently ranked in the top 5 in Germany, Golf Club Budersand is a truly unique place. Built on a former world war 2 site, it is a true links course, situated on the beautiful island of Sylt off the North West Coast of Germany. The course originally built in 2006, with 96 revetted bunkers, is very exposed and suffers from the added problem of toads burying themselves in the faces of bunkers. Course manager Jim Ellis turned to DURAbunker as the only viable solution to the problems he faced in presenting bunkers that were of the standard the golf course deserved.

"Bunkers are our number 1 challenge, DURAbunker seemed the only answer and having worked alongside DURAbunker staff on the initial stage of the project, I am extremely impressed with the product and the company. DURAbunker looks entirely in keeping with our golf course, very authentic and visually appealing. The difference is that these new bunkers will stay that way for many, many years, it really is a revelation for us here at Budersand"

Jim Ellis, Course Manager, Budersand GC.

Having spent time on site working with the team at Budersand, we were able to offer a licence agreement, enabling the local staff to continue the bunker renovation project in-house. Jim and his team built a further 12 bunkers in Spring 2015 with the project set to continue in Autumn 2015 and into 2016.

"We have significant revetting experience on site so continuing the construction work under licence is a perfect model for us. However, having worked alongside DURAbunker staff, we may opt to use them again to support the project and add efficiency as we move forward. We have 96 bunkers so it's a big undertaking for my team, particularly with other areas of the course needing attention. We always have the option therefore to call in the DURAbunker team, safe in the knowledge that they will provide a first class service"

Jim Ellis, Course Manager, Budersand GC.
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